Monday, August 20, 2012

Wash That Blog Out With Soap

    Back in June, I noted how the Obama campaign seemed to be making foul language a conscious part of their campaign messaging strategy.  Jake Tapper of ABC News even picked up my story and wrote about it himself.  Well, it's back.
    On Sunday, Ann Marie Habershaw, Chief Operating Officer of the Obama campaign, wrote a blog post with a swear word both in the title and the body of the post.  Again, this is not a slip of the tongue, but a conscious decision.  Is this an attempt to be "edgy"?  
    The remarkable thing about this particular post is that it is promoting a contest which will allow the winner to sit with the First Lady at the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte in September.  Is the First Lady OK with this gratuitous use of bad language on her behalf?  After all the talk from the Obama administration about civility and elevating the tone of political speech, it's a curious choice indeed.

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