Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Ruse By Any Other Name Stinks Just As Badly

    When it comes to recycling, the Obama campaign takes a back seat to no one.  Today, the folks at @BarackObama are trying to breath new life into the "President's plan" to save middle-class taxpayers $2,200 next year with this tweet:

The plan, of course, is to renew the Bush tax cuts again at the end of 2012, but only for the deserving 97%-98%.  But, also of course, no one is talking about letting those tax rates expire anyway - the only debate is about whether to raise the rates on the 2%-3% "rich" so they can once again pay their fair share (which, of course, will only be "fair" until the next time the Democrats want to raise their rates, at which point they suddenly will not be paying their fair share anymore.)
    The only sense in which the middle class will "save" anything in 2013 is the same sense in which politicians routinely claim to "save" money by increasing spending by less than what was planned.  As I wrote last time, the only answers the president should have received via Twitter should read: "I will spend the $2,200 on the same expenses I used it for in 2012 because my taxes are not being reduced."  It's fraud, pure and simple.  The responses to the president's tweets (#2200dollars) routinely show that often his supporters are under the impression this $2,200 is new, sometimes simply from lack of clarity, sometimes because of outright deception.  With the addition of Paul Ryan to the Romney ticket, panic is beginning to set in at the Obama camp.  No doubt as the election draws nearer, the ruses will only increase.

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