Monday, June 4, 2018

Joy Reid on Bush in 2009: 'Investigate The Bastard'

    In 2009, Joy Reid posted the below article on her blog using a photoshopped picture of President Bush holding the flag and giving the finger. [The Internet Archive appears to have deleted old The Reid Report archives now.] The article was about a poll regarding investigating allegations of torture by the CIA under Bush.

    Earlier today I wrote about Reid referencing a malicious rumor about an affair between Bush and his secretary of Condoleezza Rice. Reid has apologized for some of her old posts, but has yet to address either of these.

Joy Reid's Old Blog Photo: 'Condi Rice with (future political baby daddy?) John McCain'

    On her now-defunct The Reid Report blog in 2008, Joy Reid went after George W. Bush's secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. As then-presidential candidate John McCain was considering his vice presidential choice, former Bush administration Dan Senor floated Rice's name as a possibility for the position ultimately filled by Sarah Palin. Reid posted a photo of McCain and Rice with the caption "Condi Rice with (future political baby daddy?) John McCain."

    Earlier in 2008, Reid referenced a vicious, left-wing conspiracy theory regarding an alleged affair between Rice and President Bush. Reid wrote:
[Rice] has been a middling secretary of state, with few real accomplishments to show for her sojourn with George W. Bush (then again, nobody who's hung around that clod has much to show for it after nearly two terms.) We don't know much more about her than that (unless you believe the stuff about her being Dubya's girlfriend ... she'd have to have pretty poor taste in men...) [screenshot below]

    Reid has apologized for some of her old posts after suggesting hackers had written the more controversial passages that were found on archived copies of her blog. The Wayback Machine (archive.org) seems to have since deleted at least some of the archives, but other copies remain elsewhere as of this date [at this point, I am not linking to those archives to avoid further scrubbing of the record.]
    Personally, I have no desire to see Reid fired from her current position at MSNBC, but rather simply take responsibility, apologize when necessary, and show a willingness (along with the rest of the media and the public) to forgive old, intemperate or immature remarks. Who knows, I may need similar consideration someday myself. 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Joy Reid's 2008 Anti-Hillary Blog: Mahatma Hillary

    In 2008, as Hillary Clinton battled Barack Obama for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, Joy Reid threw her support behind Obama. Part of Reid's efforts to support Obama was a satirical website entitled "MahatmaHillary.com."
    Reid's site declared that is was "dedicated to all of those who have been put off by Senator Clinton's negative campaign for the White House. Its purpose is to try and recapture the warmth of HRC, while giving a nod to her grandiosity and historic accomplishments over 35-plus years of service. Most of you probably don't know all the good that Hillary has done. Hell, I know I didn't..."

    The site was short-lived, consisting only of 11 entries, but placed Hillary, Forrest-Gump-like in various historical settings, such as the moon landing and Nixon's trip to China:

    When Clinton suspended her campaign in June 2008, Reid finished out the blog with a conciliatory post, noting:
"I have been a harsh critic of the Clinton campaign, having come into the primary last January as a die-hard Clinton Democrat, who became both incredibly inspired by Barack Obama and sorely disappointed with the negative trajectory of the race, which I feel was driven by the former president and the Senator from New York, as well as by some of her senior advisers. Today, I think Hillary took a step back toward the grace that people like me had long expected of her."

    Reid linked to the MahatmaHillary blog from her also defunct and much more controversial Reid Report blog that has landed Reid in so much hot water lately.

    The MahatmaHillary blog is still accessible (as of this posting) via the Internet Archive, unlike the Reid Report blog which appears to have been scrubbed by the Wayback Machine:

    However, I saved some screenshots of a few rather shocking Reid Report blog posts that I will be posting soon. Stay tuned.