About Me

    I'm an accountant.  But (for those of you who are still reading after that first sentence,) I love news and love to write.  I grew up in the Philadelphia area (South Jersey) and listened to KYW News Radio obsessively.  In high school, I subscribed to USA Today when it first came out, took it to school, gave the Sports section to the other boys, and read the other (News, Business, and Life) sections myself.  I have always read a lot of books and news, and now blogs, from a variety of sources, and now I often listen to my Kindle read them to me in text-to-speech (yes, I am that much of a geek) throughout my non-working hours (but I yank out the earbud - yes, I just use one - if my family is in the same room.)
   This blog is an outlet for me.  I hope to bring a unique perspective on conservative politics and culture grounded in Biblical truth.  My religious beliefs may not often be overtly expressed in my postings, but hopefully my opinions can be strong and honor Jesus Christ at the same time.  I know I will fail in that attempt as I "speak with authority."  But I recognize all true authority and truth itself has but one source, God, and He will be the ultimate judge of whether I succeed or fail.

Jeryl Bier

P.S.  I'm a man.
P.P.S.  It's pronounced "Beer."