Saturday, August 25, 2012

You Can't Handle the Truth... Team!

    Earlier this week, I wrote about the Obama campaign's magical reduction in the cost of higher education via a revision to their new Student Loan Reform page on their website.   Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner, Scott Johnson at Powerline, and Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit all picked up the story.  However, the Obama Truth Team didn't get the memo.  As of this morning, their August 21st blog post on the subject still looks like this:

This of course is how the graphic looks now on the Student Loan page:

While I recognize the more significant changes are the cuts in "Expected Income" and "Expected Student Loan Debt", my personal favorite is still "My child wants to go to an expensive college."

    So how long will it take the Obama Truth Team's fact checkers to catch up with Julia's (it must be her, right?) reduced expectations?  I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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