Monday, August 6, 2012

Give Me an "L"! Give Me a "G"! Give Me a "B"! Give Me a "T"! What Have You Got? Evolution

    Recently Newsweek, in what may turn out to be one of its print edition's last spasms of rigor mortis, famously declared President Obama to be America's "first gay president."  If the publishers wish to go out with a bang, they could plan the final edition to declare Obama to be America's "first transgendered president."  Last week, the Obama campaign blog published the following post written by Kyle Albert, an "LGBT Vote Intern" for the campaign:
President Obama’s record on transgender equality in the workplace

Did you know that President Obama has taken pivotal actions to advance equality for transgender Americans in the workplace?
In addition to naming one of the first openly transgender Presidential appointees, President Obama banned discrimination in Federal workplaces based on gender identity, and his administration released guidance to help ensure safe work environments for transgender federal employees.
Nationally, the President ended the Social Security Administration’s gender “no-match” letters, stopping the practice of notifying employers about differences between gender markers on employees’ W-2 forms and Social Security records—a step toward ensuring that transgender Americans are not accidentally outed at work.
Barbra Casbar Siperstein, the first transgender member of the DNC Executive Committee, said:
"It's an understatement to say that Barack Obama has already done more for Transgender Americans than all other Presidents combined. It's time for ‘us’ to step up and help President Obama help us!"
If you support President Obama’s commitment to respect and dignity for transgender Americans in the workplace, join Obama Pride.
    So in the name of "equality for transgender Americans in the workplace," President Obama ended (in September 2011) what must be one the most common sense lines of defense against fraud, matching a person's sex on a W-2 with Social Security records.  To avoid "outing" the transgendered, we have doubled the resources for someone committing fraud since the fraudster need not even assume the identity of someone of the same sex. What a bonanza!  This is reminiscent of the recent decision by Argentina to allow anyone to choose his? her? (are the days of pronouns numbered?) own sex to list on official government ID cards without the bother of consulting a doctor, a judge or even basic anatomy.  Are we not on that same path now ourselves?
    As Barbra Siperstein said above, "Barack Obama has already done more for Transgender Americans than all other Presidents combined." Similar sentiments were heard regarding "gay Americans" after the president evolved on his same-sex marriage stance.   Keep a sharp eye on the campaign's blog: the "L" and the "B" of the LGBT community may be the next beneficiaries of the evolution of Barack Obama.

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