Sunday, August 26, 2012

So Many Fundraisers, So Little Time

    A fundraising email I received today from the Obama campaign contained the following line from the President:
I don't have as much time to campaign this time as I did in 2008, so this whole thing is riding on you making it happen. 
 This remark is amusing for two reasons.  First, there is this from CBS News's Mark Knoller, who keeps track of the president's fundraisers so you don't have to:
That was two weeks ago, so the number will now exceed 200.  Also according to Knoller, only 67 of the 200+ took place in 2011, so the tally for 2012 is now 133+.  It seems as though the president isn't as quite as short on free time as he lets on in the fundraising email.
    Second, does anyone recall what Barack Obama's job was when he was running for President in 2008?  Bingo!  He was a United States Senator from the State of Illinois.  While being President of the United States is arguably more time consuming than being a Senator, an analysis of the data at VoteSmart.org reveals that on 51 "key votes" in 2008 in the Senate, 30 of them, or about 60%, are recorded for Senator Obama as "did not vote."
    I guess the president has a point about not having "much time to campaign" as he did in 2008.  There are one hundred Senators, but only one President of the United States.  When you don't show up at the office, people start to talk.

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