Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey, It's Been Three Weeks. Let's Try it Again!

    On July 14th, I wrote about President Obama's distortion of the tax savings of the average family since he took office.  The president had said:
That’s why I’ve cut middle-class taxes every year that I’ve been President -- by $3,600 for the typical middle-class family. Let me repeat: Since I’ve been in office, we’ve cut taxes for the typical middle-class family by $3,600.
The problem is that the $3,600 was actually the accumulated savings over his term, not the yearly savings.  Soon the campaign adjusted the claim:
FACT: The typical middle-class family's taxes have been cut by $3,600 over President Obama's first term.
Apparently counting on short memories, the president relapsed today in a speech in Colorado.  The campaign just tweeted this quote:
POTUS: "The average middle-class family—their taxes are about $3,600 lower than before I came into office.”
Although he left off the explicit "per year," the impression given by the phrase "their taxes are about $3,600 lower than before I came into office" is that the number represents an annual savings.  To illustrate, if you'd been given a $1,000 raise in your salary three years ago, you would not say "my income is about $3,000 higher than it was 3 years ago."  The president's claim is similarly misleading.
    Even the Obama campaign seemed to recognize the president was straying into murky territory again, for later in the day, they tweeted:
A household making $50,000 saved $3,600 in taxes during President Obama’s first term. What about yours?
Is the president just talking off of the top of his head in these speeches and so he garbles the facts?  Or are these "gaffes" intentional?  Hmmm... if we could just get a look at that teleprompter...

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