Monday, August 13, 2012

Paul Ryan Setting the Terms [Updated]

    The Obama Truth Team along with the rest of the Democrats have been flinging everything they can think of at Paul Ryan since he joined Mitt Romney on the GOP ticket.  The latest comes in a tweet on Monday night, and I believe it demonstrates the threat Ryan poses to the Obama campaign:

    Mitt Romney selects Paul Ryan as his vice-president and within three days the Obama campaign is conceding "President Obama['s]... Medicare cuts."  Who would have imagined the Truth Team would ever explicitly acknowledge how ObamaCare affects Medicare using those terms?  In January, the Truth Team went to great lengths (including an odd repetition of two whole paragraphs) to debunk the notions of ObamaCare's Medicare cuts.  Conservatives and Republicans should be encouraged that the Obama team feels the heat from Ryan enough to play on his home turf.

Update:  OK, panic has really set in.  Now the Truth Team is tweeting a link to an ABC News article titled:  FACT CHECK: Obama, Ryan, Romney Backed Medicare Cuts.  Obama bragging about backing Medicare cuts?  What's next, Obama backed Voter ID all along?  They are on the run!

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