Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Long is a Short-Term Crisis?

    Based on my Twitter Feed and the comments from those watching the Republican convention, the Obama Truth Team has been playing the part of the smart aleck in the back of the classroom shooting spitballs from a straw while all the other students are trying to listen to a really good lecture.  But one of their "facts" may have the equivalent effect of one of the spitballs hitting the teacher.  Here's the errant tweet:
    Three and a half years into the Obama presidency and the country is still in a "short-term crisis"?  Just exactly how long is "short"?  If Obama is reelected, will candidate Joe Biden in 2016 be talking about the "mess we inherited back in 2008?"
    This administration has vainly sought to portray America on the road to recovery ever since the lost Summer of Recovery in 2010.  The Republicans should consider it a huge victory that the president has now explicitly acknowledged the crisis (ahem, short-term crisis) drags on.

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