Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree [Update]

    When the ObamaCare ruling was handed down this morning, the Democratic National Committee executive director immediately tweeted two triumphant, vulgar tweets (one later deleted).  In order to avoid posting the foul language myself, here's a link to Powerline's take on it.
    But as it happens, they were only reflecting the attitudes and standards of the man at the top, Barack Obama.  Tonight, the campaign of President of the United States, the commander in chief, the leader of the free world, the father of two young daughters and a lovely wife, tweeted this:

The link provided is for this, available at the campaign's store:

What should have been an embarrassing open-mic moment by Joe Biden that the administration should have apologized for and hoped was forgotten has now been turned into a feature in their victory party, the football-spike for ObamaCare.  Remember this the next time someone tells you how Barack Obama has helped bring civility back to politics.

UPDATE:  And it just keeps coming.  The latest blog post from Jim Messina, campaign manager for Obama 2012.  Apparently this is part of a new strategy.

UPDATE:  I found this from February 2012 in a transcript of an Obama address to the House Democratic Caucus:
...I pointed out, you know, this whole myth of Rahm [Emanuel] being this tough guy, mean, is just not true. At least once a week he spends time teaching profanity to underprivileged children. (Laughter and applause.)
I guess it's gone from joke to national policy.

UPDATE:  Thanks a lot, RNC.  I guess taking the high road was boring, eh?  It's a race to the bottom now.

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  1. Here's a comment that "Anonymous" left that I have edited for objectionable content. (This may seem like a particularly odd post on which to edit comments for language given that I have reproduced at least some of the administration's bad language above. However, I just don't want to open the door for profanity/etc in my comments section.)

    I agree BFD should have been stopped before it got this far. But, let's look at Romney and his ilk. It's OK for 'Slick Mitt' to spew ridiculous lies and 'twist the truth' about Obamacare, jobs, etc., because 'it's just politics'. Romney has proven time and time again (Bain Capital) that he cares only for 'The One Per Cent Club'. Yet, millions of really STUPID Americans are buying Mitt's warm smile that he cares for them! Wake up! Romney wants you to believe he's giving you a Steak Sandwich [portion omitted] while your higher taxes will help subsidize "The One Per Cent Club"