Friday, June 1, 2012

GottaVote.Org: The 15th Amendment Held Hostage: Day 15

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    Every blog needs a good cause célèbre, so I've decided mine will be the Obama campaign's GottaVote.org and the misinformation on the Spanish language version of their website.  As I originally wrote about on May 18th, the GottaVote.org website originally included the misinformation on both the English and Spanish versions of the site:
Dorothy Cooper was born in 1915, before women or African Americans could exercise the right to vote in the United States.
    The ratification of the 15th Amendment extended the right to vote to all races in 1870 following the Civil War.  Within 24 hours, the phrase "or African Americans" was removed from the English language website, but two weeks later, the Spanish language version is unchanged.  This is a screenshot from today, and I have highlighted the incorrect portion of the text:

    I have contacted the Obama campaign to alert them of the error, but to no avail - I have received no response.  I will continue to try to raise awareness, as they say, of this issue and if the Obama campaign responds or corrects the error, you'll hear about it here first!  Until then, tie a yellow ribbon around your copy of the Constitution to show your support.


*Fine print:  I do not receive any remuneration for the advertisement or sale of any ribbons.  It just seemed tacky to use their image without providing a link to their site. 

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