Monday, November 5, 2012

The Obama Campaign Blog: Is This "Story of Recovery" Fact or Fiction? - Part 4

    The Obama campaign was roundly ridiculed for its fictional Life of Julia, a composite woman whose life is seemingly dependent upon government, specifically Obama administration policies, for her advancement and well-being throughout her life.  A lesser known story dated March 27, 2012, appears on the Obama campaign's blog in a post entitled Stories of Recovery: Joseph Nicolas.  According to the post, Nicolas also benefited from Obama administration policies.

    However, as I documented in July (here, here, and here,) Nicolas's story is to all appearances equally as fictional as Julia's.  The astounding fact is that, unlike Julia's, Joseph Nicolas's story is supposed to be a true Story of Recovery.  Nicolas is presented as someone whose business benefited from the stimulus, ObamaCare, and other Obama Administration initiatives.  And yet seven months after it appeared and one day before the campaign comes to a close, the story is still being presented as true by the Obama campaign.

    Joseph Nicolas, as I also documented in my July posts, is better known online as Ariel Anatole.  Here are two photos.  The one on the top is "Joseph Nicolas" as pictured in the Obama campaign blog post. The one on the bottom is "Ariel Anatole" from a website called "Real Jock."  The photos are not only the same person, but appear to be from the same photo shoot.

"Joseph Nicolas"
"Ariel Anatole"

    Although Joseph/Ariel has been fairly careful to avoid directly linking his two personas, occasionally the mask slips as in this Tumblr post where a friend named "Bob" addresses Ariel as "Joseph":

    I emailed the Washington State office of the Obama campaign several times about this story, and after one initial reply, they have ignored all other requests for comment.  I have also attempted to contact Joseph/Ariel several times, most recently through his Tumblr account.   Below are the times (just a week ago) where he responded:

    My follow up question:

    The last activity as of this writing on Ariel's Tumblr account is 10/24 and on his Twitter account is 10/30.  Perhaps he has decided to lay low for now with the election so close so as not to attract any further attention.  And while I sympathize with his desire to "lead a more honest life," allowing this false story to continue to appear for seven months on the campaign website of the sitting president of the United States is not a promising start.

    After the election tomorrow, there will be little incentive for anyone to set the record straight.  The Obama campaign will be happy to allow it to fade into the past.  But if Ariel/Joseph is to have a true personal "Story of Recovery," which I pray that he will, he must confront the past.  This story would be a good place to start, and would also help hold accountable the campaign of the man who is seeking a second term to the highest office in the land.

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