Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loud and Clear: "Make Our Lives Better"

    A secret video taken by a waiter at a fund raising/donor event for Barack Obama contains the following shocking quote from the president:
"That’s the message I heard loud and clear in the election: Work as hard as you can to make our lives better."
Just kidding!  Kidding about the secret video, not about the quote.  The quote is real and came from the President's weekly address.  It was tweeted out on Barack Obama's Twitter account today:

    Mitt Romney brought justifiable grief on himself and his campaign with his now infamous and oversimplified 47% comments.  Romney had something worth saying about the culture of dependency in America, but managed to express it rather inartfully, as they say.  And yet here is the President of the United States basically paraphrasing Romney's remarks as if this were what the election was all about.

    Granted, the president's address contained references to "your hard work and sense of decency" and "the good people of this country work as hard as you can to meet your responsibilities."  But when it came down to choosing a quote to represent the address, what did the administration choose?  "[T]he message I heard loud and clear in the election" was "make our lives better."  Is it any wonder that the president's detractors heard "You didn't build that" the way we did?

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