Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whatever the Outcome, I Was Wrong

    At the time I am writing this, Fox has the electoral college tied at 153.  This race is much closer than I thought it would be, which means this country has drifted further than I thought.  President Obama and the Democrats have run explicitly on what government can do for the people.  Don't borrow money from your parents for college, like Romney suggested... borrow it from your neighbors' parents, courtesy of the federal government.  Healthcare?  Federal government.  Contraceptives?  Free from the federal government.  Jobs?  Today the NAACP released a poll of 1,600 African American voters (via Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner) that contains an astounding finding.  In the words of the NAACP:
95% of all respondents believe the federal government should be engaging in job creation opportunities for all Americans.
    I do not believe for a moment that this attitude is somehow unique to blacks.  Far too many in this country have turned JFK's most famous pronouncement on its head, and liberals have encouraged, promoted, and even campaigned on it.  It's a sad situation.

    I am currently reading Witness by Whittaker Chambers.  It is a fascinating book, and remarkably timely. The fight against communism abroad was tied to the fight against liberalism/socialism at home.  That fight is not over, and is actually getting more intense.  Whittaker Chambers was instrumental in exposing the extent to which Communists had infiltrated the federal government, and while they were largely purged, the liberals never left.  What America needs is a Whittaker Chambers of liberalism, or more than one.  Those who will expose the philosophy for what it is and what it is doing to the country and what it does to the human soul.  Those who used to be on the inside, who were true believers, but are willing to admit they had committed their lives to a ruinous political system.  Are there any such men or women out there?

    Chambers was concerned in the 1940s and 1950s about the United States drifting towards the socialist tendencies of Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries.  Even at the time of his death, Chambers continued to believe communism would eventually triumph.  The fall of the Soviet Union eventually proved him wrong.  But the larger battle rages on.  And on a night like tonight, it's hard not to share Chambers's pessimism.

    Therefore, I must recall what I wrote last night.  God "called" this election long ago.  Even as his life was literally in danger, Chambers himself took comfort in Divine Providence.  How can those of us who are believers do anything less?


  1. It looks like Mr. Romney is going to do this the hard way: VA, NC, FL & OH. That it is this close has me flummoxed also. Four years of >7.5% UE, <3% GDP, and a full year to chew on that and people are ready for four more years of same? Something is just achingly wrong.

    If pocketbook issues no longer trump celebrity or likeability or campaign spending, then, just as a practical matter, the country is in terrible trouble.

    But the night's not over.


  2. The night is over.

    With EVs all but locked up, it looks like Mr.Obama will also win the popular vote. Republicans are denied even the consolation prize.