Monday, July 30, 2012

The Obama Campaign Blog: Is This "Story of Recovery" Fact or Fiction? - Part 3

Note: This is Part 3 of a post that was published on Wednesday, July 25th.

    Much of my coverage of the BarackObama.com blog's Story of Recovery of Joseph Nicolas's business has focused on the subject of the posting, Joseph Nicolas.  However, I did report some background of the writer of the post as well, the recent high school graduate Austin Wright-Pettibone.  As it turns out, the day before I published my first story on Nicolas, Wright-Pettibone (left, in photo) was among those greeting President Obama as he arrived in Seattle, WA, on July 24, 2012, for a couple of fund raising events (via AP photos at Daylife.com.)

Wright-Pettibone has a similar image on his Facebook account:

Wright-Pettibone's participation in the greeting event was noted by a friend of his on the Facebook page of Washington United for Marriage:
My friend, Austin Wright-Pettibone, is set to greet President Obama when he arrives in Air Force One today! LUCKY him!! sweet....       July 24 at 12:54pm 

    Although I still have no evidence to suggest Wright-Pettibone knew of Joseph Nicolas's background or the inconsistencies in his story when the blog post was written, his apparently increasing profile in the Obama campaign, at least on a local level in Seattle, will only serve to magnify the impact if Nicolas's tale turns out to be false.  And while I say there's no evidence Wright-Pettibone knew Nicolas's background, Nicolas, as Ariel Anatole, is one of only 37 followers of Wright-Pettibone's Twitter account, so it seems unlikely Wright-Pettibone is entirely unaware of Nicolas's alias.  [Note: For full disclosure, as you might notice if you clicked on the link,  I am following Wright-Pettibone on Twitter as part of my effort to get additional information about this story.]  If Wright-Pettibone or anyone from the Obama campaign responds to my emails or these blog posts, I will follow up and post the additional information.

Part 4 is now posted here.

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  1. For cryin' in a bucket - tax payer dollars used to open a telemarket business? Holy moly.