Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dynamic Duo

    For at least several hours Tuesday night, Drudge headlined a Paul Bedard/Washington Examiner story (via the Washington Times) linking the new Batman movie and its arch-villain Bane with the Democrats' apparent salivating over the chance to conflate Romney's Bain with the movie Bane:

    Bedard reports:
"Bane" is the terrorist in the new movie who drives the caped crusader out of semi-retirement in the final Batman movie. Democrats, who believe they have Romney on the ropes over the president's assault on his leadership at Bain Capital, said the comparisons are too rich to ignore.
    Although Bedard's story was published on Monday, it appears the Obama campaign got a jump on the Batman-theme on Sunday with this tweet:

Was the Obama campaign tipped off?  Did the secret Bat Campaign Phone deep under the White House receive a secret call sometime on the weekend?  Was the Bat Signal spotted in the clouds over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  Tune in next time to find out these answers (or not)!  Same Bat Time! Same Bat Blog!


  1. Wasn't the dynamic duo a pair of guys who wore tights, masks with ears, and who kept finding themselves in trouble due to easily avoidable mistakes?

    Yeah. That's about right...

  2. Edited comment from "Angel": Well, Robin [was real dumb] so that fits with Biden, as for obama he guess he don't know that Batman doesn't make it at the end in the movie, so kudos, sounds like to me the bad guy turns into the good guy and the flaky guys (obama Biden) lose....