Friday, July 20, 2012

YOU Didn't Build That

    President Obama, perhaps more than any president in recent history, has garnered a reputation for (to put it delicately) first-person pronouns.  CNS News reported recently that in a July 5th appearance in Sandusky, OH, the president used "I" and "me" a total of 117 times in a 25 minute speech.  Over his years as president, this tendency, as well as other self-referential habits, has earned him the unflattering title in some quarters of Narcissist-in-Chief.  In light of this, there is some great symbolism in the use of font sizes and styles on the current banner headlining the Obama campaign website featuring a quote from the president:

    Two big “ME”’s and one wee little “we”.  Upon further reflection, the campaign might find that perhaps the following rendition with different emphases might have come across as more appropriate and deferential:
"Stand WITH me, Work WITH me, Let's Finish What WE Started."
 After all, if you've got a presidency, you didn't build that.

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