Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Meeee... ting!

    President Obama's apparent brush off of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu caused quite a stir recently.  Despite a trip to New York for a high-dollar fundraiser with the Z's, Jay and BeyoncĂ©, and various other extra-curricular activities, the White House declined to arrange a meeting between the President and the Prime Minister citing "scheduling conflicts."

    However, Speak With Authority can now reveal that after the Israeli government consulted with another visiting dignitary who had previously managed to finagle a White House meeting with the president, Netanyahu landed a meeting of his own.  For the first time, here is an exclusive photo of the secret visit:

    The meeting, however, did not go well.  After Netanyahu made a reference to Israel being made to "walk the plank" and being "hornswaggled," President Obama let loose a mighty "Aaarrrggghhh, ye scurvy dog!" and Netanyahu, as his press aide later put it, "weighed anchor, hoisted the mizzen, and headed for friendly seas."

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