Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Pledge Allegiance to... What?! [Updated]

    In yesterday's Best of the Web column on wsj.com, James Taranto called attention to the latest gimmick from the Obama campaign:
The "For All" initiative asks supporters to post a photo on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that highlights why we are greater together regardless of race, background, sexual orientation or zip code. The campaign will launch "For All" on its Instagram account and asks young people to join in protecting the progress we've made and moving our country forward. These images will be online at barackobama.com/photos-from-the-field/forall.
It's an easy three step process: 1) write on your right hand what progress means to you, 2) put your hand over your heart for a quick smartphone photo, and 3) tweet using the hashtag #forall. Supporters kicked it off with their own photos asking young people to join them in protecting the progress we've made and moving our country forward.
    Here are just some of the photos so far:

    I must admit the idea seemed somewhat bizarre, but then a tweet from the Obama campaign (which I noted here) filled in the missing piece of the puzzle:

    "I pledge allegiance to the flag of..."

Update: I just realized!  How could I have missed this?!   "...liberty and justice for all."  Forget "liberty and justice"!  Instead, "clean energy", "equality", "education", and "women's rights."  Just fill in the blank... or the hand...

Update:  Jessica, I was KIDDING!


  1. I applaud the message they are trying to get across. However, in this country, placing your hand over your heart only has two times it should be used; to show respect for our flag during the national anthem, and when you are reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Here, they are co-opting it to be, in essence, a pledge to a man. The last time a hand signal was used to pledge allegiance to a man didn't work out so well for that country.

    Good intention, but poor choice of delivery.

  2. Can anyone say, "Heil Hitler!" This cult adoration for Obama has gone too far.