Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Everyone Loves Re-runs

    As President Obama heads toward Charlotte, his latest crowd pleasing taunt of the Republicans is that its convention was a "re-run."
It was a rerun. We’ve seen it before. You might as well have watched it on a black and white TV. (ABC News)
Mr. Obama said Romney "did not offer a a single new idea - just retreads of the same old policies that have been sticking it to the middle class for years." (CBS News
"What they offered over those three days was an agenda that was better suited for the last century," said Obama. "It was a rerun. It could have been on Nick At Nite." (NY1)
Republicans were either prescient or simply quick on the draw and may cause the president to regret that choice of words.  Here's a new web ad from the GOP comparing 2008 Obama with 2012 Obama:

As I noted earlier in Defining Moment, Obama's 2008 campaign is a gold mine for Republicans.  And this latest effort certainly struck gold.

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