Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Come to This: "Benghazi-gate"

    Fox Nation has picked up (via Gateway Pundit) on my reporting of the disappearance of the pre-9/11 anniversary State Department report from the website of its OSAC division.  This morning, Gateway Pundit noted that Rush Limbaugh mentioned the story on his show yesterday.  From the transcript at Rush's website:
 And, by the way, this was a truth that revealed reckless incompetence in planning for the security and safety the people that work for him. The State Department -- you know this -- five days before put a notice up on one of their websites that there was no credible information of any threat. Yeah, 9/11's coming up, but they don't have any credible information.
That has now been scrubbed. The Gateway Pundit is reporting that that warning... Well, it was not a warning. That little memo from the State Department to employees that work there has been scrubbed from their site. You can't go find the posting on the State Department website that told everybody over there that there was no problem. They've taken it down. The most transparent regime in history, they promised? So this campaign of deceit was deployed, was put out there because Obama has a reelection campaign.
    As I have noted (in an attempt to be cautious and give the benefit of the doubt, if any remains) the exact fate of the report is still in question, but at the very least it has been removed from the publicly accessible portion of the website where it was visible from its posing on 9/6 through 9/14 when it disappeared.

    The only quibble I have with Rush's characterization is when he refers to the "memo from the State Department to employees that work there."  The report was actually issued by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), part of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security under the U.S. Department of State.  Technically it was not a report to "employees that work" at the State Department, but rather to "American private sector interests worldwide".  But given that Christopher Stevens, according to President Obama's speech to the United Nations this week, had "travelled to Benghazi to review plans to establish a new cultural center and modernize a hospital," this OSAC report seems particularly relevant.

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