Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Politically Incorrect President

    Early Friday evening, President Obama made an appearance in the press room of the White House to give a brief statement on the fiscal cliff negotiations.  He urged all involved to take some time off for the holidays, but then be prepared to get a quick deal done to prevent the coming tax increases from hitting most Americans.  But in doing so, he committed what has become a growing holiday season faux pas in America:
So, as we leave town for a few days to be with our families for the holidays, I hope it gives everybody some perspective.  Everybody can cool off; everybody can drink some eggnog, have some Christmas cookies, sing some Christmas carols, enjoy the company of loved ones...
And with that, I want to wish every American a merry Christmas.
    I can't help but wondering if some of the President's supporters are privately gnashing their teeth over his religious insensitivity and intolerance.

    By the way, in case I don't post anything again before Christmas: Happy Holidays!

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