Thursday, December 20, 2012

OFA's Fiscal Cliff Web Page: An Update

    I've written twice about the Obama for America webpage on the "Fiscal Cliff" that was published and then thoroughly scrubbed three days later.  Sara El-Amine of OFA responded to my initial inquiry, suggesting that this was simply a "glitch":

    This seemed unlikely since this was not simply a broken link - the entire webpage was gone.  However, this morning, the original link ("barackobama.com/fiscal-cliff") no longer directs users to the "page not found" message, but rather an older, existing page on the website, "2012 Stories - Stories about Extending Middle Class Tax Cuts" that has been around at least since December 2nd:

    But this page is nothing like the original Fiscal Cliff page (see here as a series of screen captures):

    The "Stories" page is simply that: stories.  It's not an "action" page, provides no official information, and doesn't even reference the "fiscal cliff."  The mystery therefore continues.  My further inquiry to OFA has so far gone unanswered.  However, now that the "fiscal cliff" negotiations seem to be coming to a head, and not in a good way, it will be interesting to see if OFA once again changes direction and goes on the offensive.

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