Saturday, December 1, 2012

Freedom of Speech, Incorporated

    CNSnews.com released video this week of Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson at a candidates forum held by the Annsbrooks Home Owners Association.  CBS Atlanta reports his remarks as follows:
ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) - A Democratic representative is calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution that would allow for some legislative restriction of freedom of speech.
“We need a constitutional amendment that would allow the legislature to control the so-called free speech rights of corporations,” Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was quoted as saying by CNS News.
He reportedly made these comments while speaking at the Annesbrooks HOA candidate Forum held last month.
    It seems worth noting that Johnson made the remarks at a forum put on by the Annsbrooks Home Owners Association, a corporation; he is a Democrat (funded by DNS Services Corporation); and the news of his remarks was reported by CNS News (a non-profit corporation) and CBS Atlanta (CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Incorporated.)

    Irony, anyone?

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