Saturday, October 13, 2012

We Are The 99.9%!

   The Obama campaign has recently been harping on Mitt Romney's "$5 trillion tax cut," and when he won't sign off on the Obama campaign's characterization of his tax plan, Romney is accusing of lying or faking or running away from his proposals.  If the situation were reversed, the Obama campaign would have to acknowledge the existence of "death panels" in ObamaCare or else be guilty of lying.  But in an odd but telling tweet, the Obama TruthTeam2012, in order to make a point, decide to stipulate to Romney's insistence that his tax pay is fully paid for and will not unleash the torrent of horribles that the Obama administration has been screeching about.  Here's the point the TruthTeam wanted to make:

    Get it?  Even if Romney's plan doesn't add one penny to the deficit, those filthy rich people at the top of the top will STILL get to keep more of their own money!  The class warfare battle cry has become We Are The 99.9% now.  If the president's team wanted to confirm what many conservatives have been saying, i.e., that the president cares more about "fairness" than about balancing the budget, this tweet was a good a way as any to accomplish that.

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