Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Scrubbing of Jim Moran's Campaign Website (You Missed a Spot)

    Congressman Jim Moran did not waste much time scrubbing his son/Field Director's name from his campaign's website.  Patrick Moran resigned from the campaign after James O'Keefe's Project Veritas released video of the younger Moran advising an undercover reporter on how to commit voter fraud.  Here are screenshots, all taken today, from the Moran campaign's contact page:


    The calendar page was updated too:


     However, as of now, Patrick's name remains on a page entitled "Gearing up for 2012":

    Oddly, clicking the email address for Patrick doesn't bring up the email address shown in the text, but rather an email address for Thomas Scanlon (tscanlon@moranforcongress.org) who holds several positions in Moran's campaign (here is his LinkedIn profile.)  However, this email address anomaly already existed going back to the oldest cashed version of the website I could find.  That date happens to be October 8, 2012, the same date the video was taken by Project Veritas.

    Patrick's presence in his father's campaign will live on through election day, however, due to a pie eating contest won by Patrick and enshrined for the ages in the October issue of the Arlington Democrats newsletter (photo, page 1; story, page 6.):

While all attacked their pies with gusto, none surpassed Patrick Moran, who scarfed his pie like Jethro Bodean eating cereal out of a mixing bowl.  One wag noted that parts of the  plate and table cloth were missing.
     Today's news, however, will eclipse news of the pie-eating title.  Patrick is likely to look back with nostalgia at the Jethro comparison.  His reprehensible behavior broadcast today for the world to see will be much harder to live down.

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