Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Veterans, Stones and Glass Houses

    Today, ABC News reports that Barack Obama painted Mitt Romney as unfit to be commander-in-chief, in part due to Romney's failure to mention veterans in the Presidential debate last night.  The president's Twitter account echoed the harsh words:

    However, also today, President Obama's campaign released a glossy 20-page booklet outlining the much-anticipated second term agenda that the president has been under increasing fire for not spelling out more clearly.  Although the booklet includes remarks touting the president's efforts to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and what the administration will do with the money saved, and there is a reference to "we can keep our young men and women working here at home, not fighting wars on foreign soil," the troops and the veterans themselves didn't make the cut.  As a matter of fact, "military" doesn't appear in the document, either.

    Romney may deserve a hit for his slight of the military in the 90-minute debate.  But a 20-page booklet from the current commander-in-chief spelling out his agenda for the next four years that doesn't mention the tens of thousands of returning veterans is inexcusable.  President Obama constructed himself a pretty elaborate glass house with his glossy campaign booklet.  He should have taken that into account before he let loose at Romney with the stones.

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