Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama Campaign Disses Narnia

    Someone at President Obama's TruthTeam2012 with a little too much time on his hands just threw the faun, beaver, centaur, and gryphon vote.  For apparently just a split second today, not even long enough for the Internet Elves* to archive it, the following tweet appeared on the TruthTeam2012 Twitter account, immortalized by my Twitter feed app:

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    In case you can't quite read that, it says "Narnia can go shove it," followed by a Buzzfeed link to photographs of fantastic locations that seem to have been pulled directly from someone's fantasy.  Apparently a Truth Team staffer thought he was using his personal twitter account and hit "tweet" before realizing it and sent the Narnia trash talk to all 90,003 followers.  A "delete" quickly followed. Here are a couple of examples from the Buzzfeed link:

    For a campaign whose lead in the polls is melting like Narnian snow in Father Christmas' wake (admit it - best. simile. ever.), you'd think the folks there would be more careful not to alienate anyone.  Then again, when you think about the Obama Truth Team, which C.S. Lewis character comes to your mind?

    Yeah.  Me, too.

*Update:  As Twitchy points out, I underestimated the Internet Elves.

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