Monday, February 13, 2012

The Uptight Founders' Oversight

    Of all the blunders the founders made when establishing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, none is so glaring to liberals as the failure to include the most fundamental right of all, the Freedom of Sex Without Consequences.  The Supreme Court partially remedied this oversight in the 60's and 70's with Griswold v. Connecticut, Doe v. Bolton, and the capstone, Roe v. Wade.  But those other pesky rights the founders did include, such as Freedom of Religion, continue to be a source of irritation to today's enlightened ones.  The Obama administration's pronouncements concerning mandated coverage for birth control, contraceptives, and abortifacients are just the latest examples.
     A survey of the culture and public institutions demonstrates how ubiquitous  this new "right" has become.  The recent Komen-Planned Parenthood kerfuffle was a classic example.  Charitable organizations are constantly awarding grants and revoking others.  But when a miniscule portion of Planned Parenthood's annual budget was threatened, the reaction was outrage.  A quick review of Planned Parenthood's website is enough to reveal their primary mission is not "women's health," but Sex Without Consequences.
    In our public schools (at least in Florida), a nurse may not dispense an aspirin to a student without parental permission, just as minors are often prohibited from having their ears pierced without that permission.  And yet the schools can distribute condoms and birth control pills, and in some cases even facilitate abortions for those same children.  Schools do not encourage teens to "drink responsibly;" they bring in the state police to stage accident scenes to illustrate the dangers of drunk driving.  And teachers do not act as designated drivers.  But when it comes to sex, schools "provide information" (often graphic "sex education") so the children can make "responsible" decisions -- and the implicit message: it's your choice, but we've got you covered.
    AIDS is probably the greatest challenge to Sex Without Consequences in the last 30 years.  The disease is a horror wherever it strikes, but even more tragically, it has grown to affect many completely innocent children and spouses.  But the fact remains that it is still spread primarily through illicit sex (and drug use.)  Nevertheless, advocates place the funding for AIDS research on par with finding cures for cancer, heart disease, and other diseases with much less preventable causes than AIDS.  When Free Speech and Freedom of Religion is used to condemn the behaviors that are largely responsible for the spread of AIDS, the cudgel of "hate speech" is used to beat those rights back into submission.  In Canada and some countries in Europe, such speech is even criminalized.  There is little doubt liberals would emulate those nations here if they had free rein.
   Of course, the entertainment industry in this country barely even bothers trying to conceal its enthusiasm for Sex Without Consequences.  Any calls to dial back the torrent of increasingly explicit fare on TV, in movies, and in music is met with screams of "censorship!", as if government storm-troopers were already burning piles of DVDs in the streets.  It is only the most blatant examples (such as this year's Superbowl halftime show and Janet Jackson's 2004 halftime show) that even produce much of a blip on the radar.   And the Grammy's managed to top the Superbowl just this week.
     So where does this leave us?  The New York Times declared on Saturday: "[Obama] stood his ground on an essential principle--free access to birth control for any woman." An essential principle? As I mentioned at the outset, the Supreme Court paved the way with their landmark rulings 40 to 50 years ago.  But Sex Without Consequences faces one last obstacle.  Money.  Our current president is not afraid to "invest" tax dollars where necessary, or even conscript private insurance companies for the cause.  Now it is up to him to "secure the blessings" of this "essential" liberty, by making it free.  Can free-abortions-for-all be far behind?  How ironic then will the full statement from the Preamble become: "... to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity."  At least the ones who survive.

UPDATE:  This post by Tina Korbe at Hotair.com contains some graphic details of Planned Parenthood's culpability in promoting the culture of Sex Without Consequences to minors.

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