Friday, August 9, 2013

State Department Promotes U.S. Women-Only Colleges... to India

    The Obama administration is kicking off an era of neo-progressivism.  First this week, the Department of Health and Human Services promoted Neanderthal gender stereotypes to promote ObamaCare, and now the State Department is promoting blatantly discriminatory U.S. single-sex colleges.  Well, promoting women-only colleges to female foreign students from India, anyway.

    A State Department website titled "SPAN: Study in the U.S.: It's Your Turn" and aimed at "bridging U.S.-India relations" published an article for its July/August edition entitled: "Schools of Their Own:
Young women thrive at women’s colleges across the United States."  Here are some excerpts [emphasis added]:
For women looking to study in the United States, there is a less-considered option that can open a world of opportunities: attending a women’s college... 
It is the single-sex undergraduate environment that makes the difference for the attendees, however. According to a recent Forbes article titled “What’s in a Women’s College?” females are driven to tackle traditionally male-dominated areas in academics and clubs when they attend a women’s college. “Choosing to attend a women’s school is the opposite of ‘comfortable’ because it challenges students to step outside of gender norms and engage in new leadership roles,” says the article... 
Indeed, Mills prides itself on being a place where women can be who they are—or discover who they are—while knowing they are in a place that values the testing of creative and intellectual limits, says Joan Jaffe, associate dean of admissions at the college...
    It is unimaginable that a similar article would be written about men's colleges, assuming there are any left that haven’t been sued into submission.  But if women need to be “driven to tackle traditionally male-dominated areas in academics and clubs”, wouldn’t an all-male college encourage men to be “driven to tackle traditionally female-dominated areas in academics and clubs” and “step outside of gender norms” and engage in new “follower” roles?
    The benefits of single-sex education are well-documented but have generally been steamrolled in the rush to equalize the sexes.  The Obama administration appears content to take a pragmatic approach to gender-related issues: promote single-sex education to India to "build bridges" with another culture, but on the other hand, smear an entire male-dominated industry, such as construction, as blatantly discriminatory.  Apparently neo-progressivism only goes so far.

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