Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hankygate! [SWA]

    Friday night, the White House posted on its website a photo of Vice President Joe Biden and National Security Advisor Susan Rice entitled "National Security Advisor Rice Helps Vice President Biden," which I noted here.  Twitchy also picked up on the photo, but from the Twitter account of official White House photographer Pete Souza.  And that's where the trouble begins.

    Note Souza's description: "Natl Sec Adv Susan E. Rice cleans a stain on VP Joe Biden's suitcoat today."  But when the White House posted the photo, the caption was different: "National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice helps Vice President Joe Biden with his pocket handkerchief, in a hall outside the Oval Office."  All traces of a "stain" have been scrubbed (so to speak.)
    So where does the truth lie?  Did the vice president's suitcoat literally have a stain? Is the administration preparing talking points even as we speak?  Will Susan Rice once again hit the Sunday talks shows to try to tamp down rumors of a coverup?  As details leak out, we may learn that Hankygate is nothing to sneeze at.

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