Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Obama Foundation's Not-Ready-for-Prime-TIme Website... Now With Bacon Pancakes! [Updated]

    Tuesday, the Barack Obama Foundation announced the Barack Obama Presidential Center and Library will be located in Chicago, but it will likely be several years before the public gets its first look. However, for a limited time, the public can get a look at the foundation's not-ready-for-prime-time website. The site has blog entries back as far as January 2014, but as foundation activity increases as the president's tenure draws to a close, the website is ramping up. The foundation wants to be ready for whatever gets thrown at it, including the kitchen sink. Literally.

The page is filled with website samples, including... "text that people will think is awesome!"

    There's even a sample video. Ten minutes about makin' bacon pancakes.

     There's also some good news for parents:

     And science fiction fans are not forgotten:

     Presumably the website designers are not aware they have neglected to draw the blinds. I have emailed the foundation for comment. Updates as events warrant.

UPDATE: The site is fixed already, first thing this morning. Still waiting for my "thank you" email.

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