Monday, May 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton Fundraises Off Mother's Day

   Hillary Clinton wants you to wish her a Happy Mother's Day... and maybe send a few dollars her way, as well. Often, organizations that support politicians or candidates (such as the Democrat or Republican National Committees) will solicit such greetings for holidays and special occasions. But in this case, Hillary Clinton's own campaign isn't leaving it to chance. 
     Potential well-wishers are asked to enter their names, email addresses, and zip codes (not optional):

     Once the contact information is submitted, well-wishers are invited to become donors as well:

     Card signers also receive an immediate email asking for a donation. The email doesn't indicate if it's a one-time contact or if card signers are added [*see update below] to a regular mailing list.

     Flowers are apparently optional.

*UPDATE: On Mother's Day, another fundraising email was received at the address used to sign Mrs. Clinton's Mother's Day card.

Note: A version of this post, before the update, first appeared at The Weekly Standard.

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