Wednesday, August 13, 2014

US Embassy in Canada Celebrates LGBT Pride Festival With Free Outdoor Drag-Queen Movie

    The US Embassy in Canada is fired up about celebrating the Ottawa's Capital Pride festival ("Ottawa's most colorful festival".) The festival includes an embassy-sponsored free outdoor screening of the PG-13 movie To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, which, according the Internet Movie Database, tells the story of "[t]hree drag queens [who] travel cross-country until their car breaks down, leaving them stranded in a small town."
    Besides the film, to "show our support of LGBT+ rights," the embassy is partnering with the festival to bring two American activists to address festival goers:
We have also partnered with Capital Pride to bring up two American LGBT+ activists to participate in a number of scheduled activities. Transgender activist Stephanie Battaglino will be a keynote speaker at the Free to Learn - GLBT+ Conference on August 20th, and will host the Gender Mosaic Networking Social and Human Rights Vigil on August 21st. 
Globetrotting-adventurer / wonder kid Cason Crane is this year's International Parade Marshall. He will also be a keynote speaker at the Free to Learn - GLBT+ Conference and will participate in some of the youth-oriented activities organized by Capital Pride's youth wing.
    The embassy's most visible sign of support is the giant rainbow flag draped on the outside of the embassy building. To provide a sense of scale, the photo on the left below shows the American flag that flies at the embassy. The photo on the right shows the "pride" flag as it is currently displayed.

    The festival runs from August 15th to 24th and culminates with a parade on the final day.

Note: The plus sign used after LGBT and GLBT is not defined, but presumably is standing in for Q, "questioning"; I, "intersex", and A, "ally". Those are the letters which are most commonly used to expand the reach of the basic acronym. GLBT, as opposed to LGBT, is the preferred order of the acronym in Canada.

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