Saturday, February 2, 2013

President Obama Celebrated 51st Birthday With A Whole Lot of Shooting

    The White House revealed today that President Obama started out his 51st year with a bang.  Daniel Halper of the Weekly Standard posted this morning that the official White House photographer had taken this photo of the president shooting clay pigeons on August 4, 2012, his 51st birthday:

    But guns were not the only thing the president shot on his birthday.  Bloomberg reported the next day:
President Barack Obama, who turned 51 yesterday, put in a full morning and early afternoon at the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base yesterday before flying to Camp David after 4 pm for the night.
    There is no word if the president shot any baskets at Camp David, but even the president's weekly address on that day carried the shooting theme with a reference to some of the athletes competing in the Summer Olympics which were taking place during that time:
 And I’m just as proud of all our athletes in sports that don’t always get as much attention... Kim Rhode became the first American to win individual medals in five straight Olympics with her gold in skeet shooting; and her teammate, Army Sergeant Vincent Hancock, won his second skeet gold. 
     Although the photo above may not complete allay suspicions about the validity of the president's recent claim that he shoots skeet "all the time" at Camp David, clearly that day at least there was a whole lot of shooting going on.

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  1. And a whole lot of golf. Apparently most of that day was spent on a Chicago golf course. Google it.