Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Democratic Governors: GOP Stole the House Elections

    With President Obama's State of the Union address coming up Tuesday night, the Washington Post's David Ignatus (on Chris Matthew's show) is wondering...
whether Obama can get out of the zero sum game Washington where to do something good on immigration reform, he's got to, you know, destroy Marco Rubio who is the Republican symbol of progress on that. 
    If the President is taking civility cues from the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), the answer will be a resounding "no."  The DGA posted the following on its website on Monday:
In the 2012 election, more Americans voted for Democratic members of Congress than Republicans.  Yet tea party darling Eric Cantor is the Majority Leader and John Boehner serves as Speaker -- and they're blocking President Obama's pro-jobs legislation and pushing a right-wing ideological agenda.  They didn't earn those positions; they stole them.
    On the eve of President Obama's most significant speech of the year, the annual address to Congress and the nation from our chief executive, an organization representing the chief executives of nineteen of the states called the current leadership of one of the house of Congress illegitimate. The DGA goes on to cite "gerrymandering" as the explanation for how the GOP managed to steal the elections and maintain control of the House of Representatives.

    Certainly political organizations are terminally hyperbolic in their rhetoric, but the DGA has outdone itself here. The DGA did not specify which of the 17 races required to give the Democrats the House majority were stolen by Cantor and Boehner, but in any case, the leader of the Democrat party will be forced to address the nation Tuesday night with the latter of these two election thieves looking over his shoulder.  One thing is certain: the president will either disappoint the Democratic Governors Association or David Ignatus depending on the tone he chooses.

Note: This article first appeared at The Weekly Standard on February 12, 2013.

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