Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sandy Hook Memorial Funds Number More Than Fifty

    On Thursday, the town of Newtown, Connecticut posted a list on its website of more than 50 individuals and organizations that are collecting funds in memory of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.  These range from Facebook pages to Rotary Clubs to groups selling bumper stickers. The town posted a rather blunt disclaimer at the top of the list:
This is a draft document listing the titles, mission statement, and contact person(s) for funds which have been created in response to the tragic events of December 14, 2012.  Please be aware that the list is incomplete and may be inaccurate in some respects.  There funds are NOT under the jurisdiction of the Town of Newtown. We are ‘cataloging’ the funds as a service to the community. We have not vetted any of these funds nor do we represent them in any way. This is information only. We will publish updated lists as more information becomes available.       January 24, 2013
    The sheer number of memorial funds is at once heartening and worrisome.  Heartening that so many wish to help, and worrisome in that in the crowded field, the opportunity for inefficiency at best and fraud at worst increases.  The town's list may be a good resource for those wishing to help, but at the same time should be approached with caution.  There is no tragedy so terrible that some will not seek to exploit it for their own gain.

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  1. DHS Joe Lieberman put himself in charge of DISTRIBUTING donations ..... imagine that!