Thursday, January 1, 2015

Steve Scalise Not Mentioned as Speaker in 2002 Press Release by White Supremacist Group

    While the controversy surrounding House GOP whip Steve Scalise continues to simmer, a 2002 press release (first uncovered by John Sexton) by the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) promoting the May 17-18 "workshop" to "train future civil rights activists" fails to mention Scalise as a speaker. The 2002 website of the EURO organization no longer exists, but is available via the Internet Archive here:

    While the press release may not be completely exculpatory for Scalise, it lends credence to the story reported by Betsy Woodruff of Slate that Scalise apparently did not address the EURO gathering at all, but rather a more informal community meeting at the same location as the EURO conference that began later that same day. Scalise has already apologized for his connection to the event, but the press release above seems to indicate any connection he had to it is indeed tenuous.

UPDATE: John Sexton later wrote his own post about this at Breitbart.

Note: A version of this post before the update first appeared at The Weekly Standard.

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