Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Obama Administration on Governing: Brains Optional

    There's an old joke that says if aliens are seeking for signs of intelligent life on earth, let's hope they don't start in the nation's capital. But to hear this White House tell it, much of the work in DC could be accomplished anyway without the benefits of brains. Here are just some examples of administration members' thoughts on the subject from the White House website:
  • “Making Title IX as strong as possible is a no-brainer,” said Vice President Biden.
  • So it is a no-brainer for Congress to do what it's supposed to do: Pass transportation funding.
  • The President then detoured briefly from his prepared remarks, explaining why it's a “no-brainer” for Congress to pass the bill [on student loan debt.]
  • Providing people with health care, that should be a no-brainer.  Giving people a chance to get health care should be a no-brainer.
  • So you would think this [minimum wage increase] would be a no-brainer. Politically, you'd think that folks would be rushing to do this.
  • During the speech, the President called on Congress to pass a bill that makes clear that current insider trading laws apply to Members of Congress... This is a no-brainer.
  • And your neighboring states have made that decision because they look at it and they say, this is a no-brainer, why would not -- why would we not want to take advantage of this [expansion of Medicaid coverage.]
  • This kind of waste is just unacceptable. Particularly at a time when we’re facing tough decisions about reducing our deficit, it's a no-brainer to stop spending taxpayer dollars on things that benefit nobody. [Vice President's Campaign to Cut Waste]
  • It’s a plan [to help responsible homeowners refinance their mortgages] that we know will work.  It has the support of independent, nonpartisan economists and leaders across the housing industry.  It’s a no-brainer that should have passed easily.
  • Do the right thing.  It is a no-brainer.  Let’s get it done.  Let’s pass these [Bush] tax cuts.
  • Congress should renew the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.  Whether you are a conservative or a liberal, Democrat or Republican, this is a no-brainer.
  • It should be a no brainer. The United States has been subsidizing the oil industry for a century. President Obama believes that's long enough.
  • Ensuring paycheck fairness for women should be a no brainer. And they need to pass that bill.
  • Green consumer products can only become mainstream if businesses make the right environmental choice a financial no-brainer...
  • This sounds like common sense.  It should be a no-brainer.  It just doesn’t happen in this country.  And if we can invest to create access to high-speed broadband, we open up a new world of educational opportunity.
  • That should be a no-brainer.  That should be a bipartisan no-brainer to make sure that we've got the best possible nursing staffs in the country.
  • We all agree on prohibiting insurance companies from arbitrarily cancelling [sic] insurance policies.  That's a no-brainer; there's strong agreement on both sides of the aisle there.
The above is by no means a comprehensive list. But if this much can be accomplished sans grey matter, maybe there's hope in Washington for one of the White House's favorite characters who is trotted out frequently in arguments against Republican policies. And no trip to Oz will be required.

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