Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Democrats Misquote President Obama on Minimum Wage: "Reagan was in Congress"

    President Obama spoke to the Democrat National Committee's Winter Meeting in Washington DC on Friday and addressed the minimum wage increase that he recently proposed, comparing it to the minimum wage in Ronald Reagan's time.  According to the White House transcript, and the C-Span video, the president said:
So it’s time to raise a minimum wage that is worth less than it was when Ronald Reagan was in office.
    In what turned out to be a less than successful attempt to quote the president, the DNC quickly tweeted the president's remark, but with one key difference:
    Reagan, of course, never served in Congress.  A day later, the DNC tweet with the erroneous quote is still posted, and no correction has been issued.

UPDATE: The tweet was deleted sometime Sunday morning after The Weekly Standard published this post.

Note: A version of this post (before the update) first appeared at The Weekly Standard.

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