Tuesday, December 3, 2013

President Obama: "My Website's Not Working"

    In an interview with Barbara Walters on Friday, President Obama again acknowledged problems with the roll out of the Affordable Care Act website Healthcare.gov (via CNN).  At one point, the president referred to Healthcare.gov as "my website" [emphasis added]:
Obama has taken responsibility for the website's flaws, saying he should have been told earlier about the serious issues with HealthCare.gov's digital infrastructure. He's also apologized for his vow that people who liked their plans could keep them. 
In Friday's interview, Obama said he was looking for answers soon on why the rollout failed so spectacularly. 
"Obviously my most recent concern has been that my website's not working," Obama said. "We're evaluating why it is exactly that I didn't know soon enough that it wasn't going to work the way it needed to. But my priority now has been to just make sure that it works."
    November 30 was the original date the government had announced for website issues to be resolved, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Saturday deadline is likely to be missed.

Note: A version of this article first appeared at The Weekly Standard.

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