Saturday, November 9, 2013

Maryland Obamacare Site Withholds Updated Enrollment Numbers

    Last week I noted on Twitter that the Maryland Health Connection had only managed to enroll 4,651 in the first four weeks of open enrollment.  That figure remains the latest available total because this week's report contained no update as the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Board revises its approach to providing enrollment numbers.  Maryland's goal for the six-month enrollment period is 150,000, but at the current rate, only about 28,000 would be enrolled by the end of March 2014.  This graph from the Maryland Health Connection's November 1 report shows that the rate of signup had been relatively consistent for the first four weeks:

    This week, however, it is impossible to know if the trend improved or not because the Maryland Health Connection did not release any new figures on enrollment.  Totals were provided for unique visitors to the website, calls to our call centers, accounts created with verified identity, and those who have learned whether or not they are eligible for financial assistance.  However, revisions to the way enrollment data will be presented in the future precluded the release of an update this week:
Maryland Health Connection is revising its approach to providing numbers of enrolled Marylanders. Future reports will separate individuals versus households, qualified health plans versus Medicaid, and other information. For this reason, there is no updated enrollment data this week.
     One figure that has remained consistent throughout the reports is the 83,991 Marylanders who will be signed up automatically for Medicaid coverage beginning January 1, 2014.

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