Thursday, April 4, 2013

President Obama: "There Are Well-Meaning Republicans Out There Who Care About Their Kids"

    Wednesday night, President Obama spoke at two Democratic party fund raising events in California. A common theme was the challenge he faces in working with Republicans in Congress.  At the home of Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor, the president gave Republicans a rather backhanded compliment:
Look, my intention here is to try to get as much done with the Republican Party over the next two years as I can, because we can’t have perpetual campaigns.  And so I mean what I say.  I am looking to find areas of common ground with Republicans every single day.... I want to find some common-sense gun safety legislation that we can get done.  And I do believe that there are well-meaning Republicans out there who care about their kids just as passionately as we do.
    Later in the evening, at the home of philanthropists Gordon and Ann Getty, the president was somewhat more generous, observing that "I believe that Republicans love their kids and their country as much as we do."

Note: The article first appeared at The Weekly Standard.

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