Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Say Potatoe, I Say Amercia

    Spelling holds a special place in American Presidential electoral politics.  The most infamous is, of course, Dan Quayle's 1992 misspelling of "potato" that earned him the top slot for spelling gaffes in a presidential campaign.  Earlier in the 2012 campaign, Republican Jon Huntsman's campaign misspelled their own candidate's name as "John." And now this week comes news that the Romney campaign struggled with the name of our country.  The Washington Post reports:

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign misspelled the word “America” on its new iPhone app, and it’s already paying a price for it.
In the app, the phrase “A Better America” is misspelled “A Better Amercia.” The misspelling was picked up and tweeted widely Tuesday night, soon spawned a hashtag-driven Twitter meme in which people imagined just what Amercia stood for and what kind of policies Romney had planned for Amercia.

But if you think "Amercia" is bad, listen to this.  Mitt Romney supporter Donald Trump reported this week that President Obama's birth certificate misspells "Kenya" as "H-a-w-a-i-i"!

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