Friday, May 11, 2012

Hope (For a Dollar) and Change

    While reading an article on Salon.com today (is it OK to admit that?), I noticed an Amazon advertisement for a "rare" Obama campaign poster.  Clicking on the link, I found that several different posters are available in addition to the 24 x 36 print of "Hope" for .  As it turns out, "hope" comes fairly cheap these days:

The good news is that with the shape the economy is in, many more people can afford to buy the poster now.  The bad news for the 2012 Obama campaign is, will anyone want to?

UPDATE:  As of Saturday, May 12, the price has jumped to $4.17, a 135% increase!  The Obama campaign has got to be wishing today that Amazon was a better read on the electorate than the polls.


  1. Succinct, thought-provoking and quite possibly...prophetic! Jay Ceegee

  2. Forget the poster! I need a half a gallon of gas instead.