Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dreams From My Father's Day [Updated]

    Back in May, I commented briefly on the, um, unique Mother's Day offerings from the White House.  The card is still available on the website in case you missed it, at http://www.whitehouse.gov/mothersday/:

So imagine my disappointment when I tried to get a sneak peak at what might be in store for me a week from now on Father's Day and all I found was this at http://www.whitehouse.gov/fathersday/:

My first thought was that perhaps since the election is drawing near, the holiday duties were shifted to the Barack Obama 2012 campaign, so I headed over to their website.  I looked up Mother's Day first, and sure enough, there was a wealth of mom-related information.  You could sign a Mother's Day card to Michelle Obama, shop for Mother's Day gifts in the store, and there were even seven helpful Mother's Day Facts about how Barack Obama had helped mothers and their families that perhaps could make for some stimulating conversation with mom around the dinner table as you celebrate her day.
    You can imagine how I was now on pins and needles about what might be in store for me and other fathers in only seven days!  Instead, a pin was inserted in my bubble of anticipation as the results were somewhat less than overwhelming...

Thaaaaaat's right.  Three results.  Gift ideas and two locally-sponsored combination Father's Day/campaign events.  Nothing says Happy Father's Day like a Phone Bank. [Update:  As of Tuesday, there are now five results, including another Phone Bank!  You can't keep a good idea down.]

    So what are we to make of this?  Is there some larger political message about how much value the White House or the Barack Obama campaign or the Democrats value mothers and women as opposed to fathers and men?  I will leave that to others to decide.  I'm to busy trying to decide if I should ask for the Obama Golf Divot Tool or the Obama 2012 Grill Spatula.  Talk about Decision 2012!  What's a father to do?

UPDATE:  With four days to spare, the BarackObama.com website has added a page to allow supporters to sign a Father's Day card for the president.
UPDATE: Father's Day is getting some more attention at WhiteHouse.gov also.

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